Counseling Scholarships

Use this directory of counseling scholarships to find funding opportunities that fit your counseling program and your unique situation. The directory has a tool for searching for scholarships by enrollment level, so whether you are just starting your bachelor’s degree in counseling at a traditional university or attending a graduate online counseling program, you can find funding opportunities that fit your situation. Use the state and school search fields to find scholarships that target students in your state or those available at your school of choice, or to help you choose a counseling school. If you are just starting your program, search for renewable scholarships, which provide funding year after year. On the other hand, if you have been in your program for some time, search by minimum required GPA to find the scholarships for which your current academic standing qualifies. Lastly, search by ethnicity to find scholarships targeted at students of your ethnic background.

Be sure to continue your search for  scholarship opportunities beyond this directory.. Searching for counseling scholarships online can help you find state and national scholarships that suit your needs. If you are already a counselor, ask the organization that employs you for sponsorship to continue your counseling studies. Employers are eager to enhance the education of their personnel, though you may have to commit to working for the organization for a certain period of time in exchange for this funding.

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Identify Trends in Counseling Scholarships

Most counseling scholarships focus on students who are coming into counseling through psychology rather than other related disciplines like social work or art therapy. This is good news for students who are interested in the clinical aspects of the field, though students interested in other areas may have some difficulty finding scholarship money. These psychology scholarships are often targeted at graduate students, with some focused exclusively on students who have already completed a doctoral degree. Graduate scholarships in psychology and other counseling fields provide large sums of money, but are only available near the end of many years of study.

Many diverse organizations offer scholarships for counseling students. Some are offered by charitable foundations focused on certain areas of psychological and counseling research. Others are provided by universities with strong psychology programs. Some are even offered by activist organizations that are interested in providing counseling and support services for underserved groups. You should consider what an organization represents and why that organization supports students going into psychology or counseling before applying for a scholarship, and be sure your application materials meet the expectations of that organization.

Key Counseling Scholarships

Speak Out Against Prejudice Scholarship 

This scholarship, provided by, is targeted at students who are interested in providing some form of help to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students. This scholarship is very competitive, with only one award recipient per year and applicants from a wide range of fields including law, counseling, communications, and conflict resolution studies. The monetary award for this scholarship is $5,000.

APA Diversity Leadership Fellowship

This graduate fellowship is provided by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), and is targeted at students from ethnic minorities who are interested in pursuing careers in psychiatry fields where ethnic minorities are currently underrepresented. Applicants must outline their career goals as part of the fellowship application. This fellowship provides APA training opportunities in addition to the financial support.

Directory of Counseling Scholarships